Saturday, October 8, 2011

Irish Literary Supplement Review

Lawrence J. McCaffrey, emeritus professor at Loyola University of Chicago, has reviewed the book for a publication out of Boston College called the Irish Literary Supplement. The essay is called "Foxhole Buddies," and it is available at, here, and Lexis-Nexis, here.

A sample:
Bruscino is obviously right when he contrasts the tolerance of servicemen and civilians, but the war also increased patriotism and cooperation on the home front. For example, women in defense factories developed friendly social and working in relations with people who didn't share their religious beliefs or ethnic loyalties. While there was a contrast between open-minded servicemen and the folks back home, in non-combat situations the former tended to hang out more with their own kind and those they considered strangers. In combat and other wartime risks everyone was your own kind whether on land, sea, or in the air.

A Nation Forged In War is an important and highly readable book; it is also a valuable contribution to ethnic and World War II historiographies. Bruscino makes good use of primary and secondary sources and writes excellent prose.

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